24 in 1 Clock – tells time of 24 time zones. Make your own at home from paper

The world is getting smaller and smaller, you might have a family member or friend that lives in a different time zone. Sometimes it can be confusing what time it is in another side of the earth. So I designed this 24 in 1 clock, that you can see all 24 times at one time.

Step 1: Parts and Tools:


2 x page of 110 lb (199 g/m²), letter sized index paper

1 x clock mechanism ~ $1.5

1 x AA Battery


A pair of scissors

Paper knife



Ruler for cutting and scoring



Step 2: How to Read the Clock

The major innovation of this clock is how to read the hours. Instead of the hour handle, I replaced it with a disc with a red spiral. The front clock face has numbers of slots that matches 24 time zones. So at where the red line meet the slot, you can read the current hour of that time zone.

The minute just works as a normal clock, since all the minutes in 24 time zones are the same 😀


Step 3: Print the Patterns

There are 2 options of patterns you can download, the major difference is the clock faces:

1. Full clock face with 24 time zones and cities.

2. Full clock face with 24 time zones with no cities.

Of course you can customize the clock face with only the time zones and cities you care about. An ai file is here so you can use adobe illustrator or Inkscape (free) to edit it. You can also mark the slots where you have family and friends.

Make sure to print it out with 100% scale.

The graphic files are here:

24 in 1 Clock 1.0 072018.ai

24 in 1 Clock 1.0 072018

Step 4: Cut and Score the Patterns

Cut all the patterns perimeter and inside cutouts with a knife.


Picture of Cut and Score the Patterns


Step 5: Fold the Pieces


1. Fold the two rectangular pieces as holders for the clock front. Use small pieces of tape to hold the folds on the ends.

2. Fold the spacer.

3. Fold the 4 “feet” of the clock face.

4.Fold the minute handle: Make sure to score the center line, fold it, then cut the rest of the white flaps, they are there for easier folding. (You don’t have to use this minute handle if you are happy with the one come with the clock mechanism).

Step 6: Stack Them Up


1. Disassemble the clock mechanism. Make sure to unscrew the nut on the clock screw.

2. Put 2 holder pieces on the clock screw, then secure it with the clock nut.

3. Add the spiral disc on to the hour cylinder of the clock.

4. Add spacer piece.

5. Put the clock face, and tackle the “feet” in the folded slots of the holder.

6. Install minute handle on to the minute cylinder.

7. Add the second handle if you like. In my design, I replaced it with a small disc just to show if the clock is running.

Step 7: Hang the Clock


Wrap the hanger piece around the AA battery, insert it to the clock and it should start ticking.

You can adjust the clock either use the clock knob, or just gently turn the disc.

Hang the clock to your wall with any nail and that’s all done!

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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